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Wiki Rules

Editing Guidelines

These editing guidelines may change.

Style Guidelines

These style guidelines may change.

This wiki is currently written with the following priorities:

Wiki Formatting

This wiki is made up of a series of Markdown files. Markdown, as a specification, is determined by these specifications:

Additional modifications to generic Markdown are listed below.

Alert Boxes

As an additional extension (on top of Github flavored markdown), this wiki supports Alert boxes with the following syntax:


danger> The contents of this box are danger. `danger`, `warning`, `success`, and `info` are all supported.

The contents of this box are danger. danger, warning, success, and info are all supported.

You have been put on notice.

I just figured that might be helpful info.



Every page should have at least two authors, and may have more. Authors are the individuals responsible for the content on that page; they are expected to verify any new edits, keep the page current, and if anything goes wrong they are expected to correct it.

Authors are listed on a page in the following format. Each author must have a unique name.


All authors may be viewed here.


Every page should have every tag relevant to that page tagged on that page. Tags should be kept up to date. Authors are responsible for verifying the tags.

Tags can be listed as follows.


All tags may be viewed here.